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CAU Geowissenschaften, Kiel

Client:Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
Architect:Nickl & Partner, Berlin
Scope of work:unitised aluminium facades, aluminium mullion transom facades, aluminium window elements, metal soffits, indoor and outdoor window sills, sun protection, doors
Image source:© Nickl & Partner Architekten

The urban development objective for the new Kiel University Institute of Earth Sciences building is to create a free-standing, distinctive structure that is capable of portraying the extensive space programme and fitting into the existing campus structure.

Primary School Karlsfeld

Client:commune of Karlsfeld
ARCHITECT:h4a Gessert + Randecker, Munich
Scope of work:Wood Aluminium mullion transom facades, facade cladding with wooden louvres, wooden Louvre cladding, smooth sheet metal covering, cornices, sheet metal cladding, sun protection, doors
Image Source:© h4a Gessert + Randecker, Munich

In Karlsfeld a new primary school with a triple gym is being built for 670 pupils - six classes per grade level. The building has 2 storeys and is divided into 3 houses in a comb-shaped structure. The central building with a foyer, cafeteria and multipurpose hall has an outdoor area.

Maria-Ward-Schulen, Nuremberg

Client:Erzbistum Bamberg
ARCHITECT:H2M Architekten + Stadtplaner, Kulmbach
Scope of work:Closed Cavity Windows in the outer facades, unitised facades in the Courtyard (partly as Closed Cavity), steel mullion transom facades, sheet metal cladding, rooflights, sun protection, aluminium doors
Image Source:© 3D-Atelier.com

The compact new construction of the girls´school with primary school, junior high school and high school consists of up to 3 upper floors and up to 2 basement levels. In addition to a large auditorium, the new learning center for 1,300 students will have modern classrooms, a cafeteria, a triple gym and a rooftop terrace. A construction period of four years is estimated.

Schulcampus Unterföhring

Client:Commune of Unterföhring
ARCHITECT:Felix+Jonas Architekten, Munich
Scope of Work:wood aluminium mullion transom facades, fibre cement covering, wooden stud constructions, sun protection
Image source:© Felix+Jonas Architekten

On the premises covering 50,000 m² the new Schulcampus Unterföhring is being built, comprising a primary school with an after school care center and a child-care over the lunch hour, a grammar school incl. sports hall and a canteen situated between both schools. The centerpiece inside the building which is approx. 350 m long is the mainline, a learning trail.

Strafjustizzentrum Munich

Client:Federal State of Bavaria represented by the State Department of Construction Munich
Architect:Frick Krüger Nusser Plan2, Munich
Scope of Work:aluminium mullion transom facades with wood aluminium windows, steel mullion transom facades, wood aluminium mullion transom facades, fibre cement cladding, expanded metal sliding shutters, glass fibre concrete cladding/pilaster strips
Image Source:© Frick Krüger Nussser Plan2, Munich | www.archlab.de

2018 the foundation was laid for the biggest development of the Federal Ministry of Justice since World War II, in Munich. The new center for criminal justice will be worth about 330 million euros and is supposed to be completed within 5 years. The building will contain 54 courtrooms as well as 7 public authorities with around 1,300 employees.