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Geda, Asbach-Bäumenheim

CLIENT: Geda, Asbach-Bäumenheim
ARCHITECT: Bettina Kandler Architekten, Donauwörth
SCOPE OF WORK: steel stick system, timber composite windows, aluminium windows, aluminium sheet metal cladding, opaque panels, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Bettina Kandler Architekten

Construction and industrial lift manufacturer GEDA is building its new headquarters with conference area and restaurant. The x-shaped new building with a total of 4 floors will have room for 220 employees.

Entega, Darmstadt

CLIENT: Entega, Darmstadt
ARCHITECT: SHP Architekten, Darmstadt
SCOPE OF WORK: timber stick system, timber ribbon glazing, aluminium windows, exposed aluminium spandrel cladding - partially curved, rooflights, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © SHP Architekten

The utility company Entega from Darmstadt is constructing a new administration building. In the long, 5-storey building with a gross floor area of 9,500 m² an IT subsidiary of Entega with around 350 employees will move in.

General refurbishment of revenue office building Mannheim

CLIENT: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Mannheim und Heidelberg, Mannheim
ARCHITECT: Schmucker und Partner, Mannheim
SCOPE OF WORK: aluminium box-type windows, glass fibre reinforced concrete covering, soffits of fibre cement covering, attics covering, natural stone dado, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Schmucker und Partner

The revenue office building in Mannheim from the 1960s will be completely renovated. 500 modern workplaces will be created on a floor space of approx. 9,500 m². Completion is scheduled for 2025.

IPA Innovationsbogen Augsburg

CLIENT: WALTER Projekt IP-Augsburg, Augsburg
ARCHITECT: Hadi Teherani Architects, Hamburg
SCOPE OF WORK: unitised aluminium facades, aluminium stick system, sheet metal fins, attic, glare shields, aluminium louvre covering, glass balustrades, canopies, blinds, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Panoptikon

The Innovationsbogen forms the gateway to the Augsburg Innovationpark. In the new building with green roof and in the form of a semicircle there are bright offices with high quality technical equipment on an area of more than 14,000 m² on 6 floors.

Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium, Munich

CLIENT: City of Munich
ARCHITECT: Hascher Jehle Architektur, Berlin
SCOPE OF WORK: Polygonal timber composite stick system, aluminium stick system, polygonal wooden covering - partially curved, window sills, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Hascher Jehle Architektur

The new school complex in Bogenhausen consists of three buildings and a sports hall, connected by a common base. A “climate school” will be created, i.e. the facade is built in timber construction, facade and roof are greened and solar cells are installed. Completion is scheduled for 2024.