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Münster University Hospital - MedForCe and BBIM

Client:Universitätsklinikum Münster
represented by UKM Infrastruktur Management, München
Architect:Nickl Architekten, Munich
Scope of work:unitised curtain wall, aluminium stick system, steel stick system, rainscreen cladding, aluminium sheet metal cladding, clinker facades, sun protection, doors
Image source:

© Nickl&Partner Architekten

Two new research buildings will be realised at the university hospital in Münster: The Medical Research Centre with six and seven storeys and a floor space of approx. 12,500 m² and the Body & Brain Institute Münster with five storeys and a floor space of approx. 4,000 m².

Grammar School Gmunder Strasse, Munich

Client:City of Munich
Architect:h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner, Munich
Scope of work:wood aluminium mullion transom facades with elements, steel mullion transom facades, fibre cement covering, sheet metal cladding, sun protection, doors
Image source:© h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner

The new building is divided into two structures: To the west, the compact main building with the 6-storey grammar school for around 1,600 pupils and in the north a triple sports hall.

Hotel Königshof, Munich

Client:Geisel Privathotels, Munich
Architect:Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Berlin
Scope of work:wood metal box-type windows, aluminium mullion transom facades, steel mullion transom facades, rooflight, sun protection, doors
Image source:© Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Directly at the Munich Karlsplatz, also called Stachus, the new luxury hotel Königshof with ten floors and around 105 rooms and suites is being built. A vertical cut in the façade facing Stachus will be the prominent stylistic element.

QH TRACK - Quartier Heidestrasse, Berlin

Client:QH Development 5, Berlin
represented by QH Verwaltung II, Berlin
Architect:EM2N Architekten, Berlin
Scope of work:unitised aluminium facades, aluminium mullion transom facades, ceramic cladding, trapezoidal sheet metal cladding, attics, sun protection, doors
Image source:

© EM2N Architekten

QHTRACK is a building complex with separate tower blocks and one of the largest construction project of a connected office ensemble in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The modern architecture shows different room depths and floor heights. Completion: 2021-2023 (in stages).

Drone flight over the Quartier Heidestraße

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Strafjustizzentrum Munich

Client:Federal State of Bavaria represented by the State Department of Construction Munich
Architect:Frick Krüger Nusser Plan2, Munich
Scope of Work:aluminium mullion transom facades with wood aluminium windows, steel mullion transom facades, wood aluminium mullion transom facades, fibre cement cladding, expanded metal sliding shutters, glass fibre concrete cladding/pilaster strips
Image Source:© Frick Krüger Nussser Plan2 | www.archlab.de

2018 the foundation was laid for the biggest development of the Federal Ministry of Justice since World War II, in Munich. The new center for criminal justice will be worth about 330 million euros and is supposed to be completed within 5 years. The building will contain 54 courtrooms as well as 7 public authorities with around 1,300 employees.