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General refurbishment of revenue office building Mannheim

CLIENT: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Mannheim und Heidelberg, Mannheim
ARCHITECT: Schmucker und Partner, Mannheim
SCOPE OF WORK: aluminium box-type windows, glass fibre reinforced concrete covering, soffits of fibre cement covering, attics covering, natural stone dado, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Schmucker und Partner

The revenue office building in Mannheim from the 1960s will be completely renovated. 500 modern workplaces will be created on a floor space of approx. 9,500 m². Completion is scheduled for 2025.

IPA Innovationsbogen Augsburg

CLIENT: WALTER Projekt IP-Augsburg, Augsburg
ARCHITECT: Hadi Teherani Architects, Hamburg
SCOPE OF WORK: unitised aluminium facades, aluminium stick system, sheet metal fins, attic, glare shields, aluminium louvre covering, glass balustrades, canopies, blinds, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Panoptikon

The Innovationsbogen forms the gateway to the Augsburg Innovationpark. In the new building with green roof and in the form of a semicircle there are bright offices with high quality technical equipment on an area of more than 14,000 m² on 6 floors.

Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium, Munich

CLIENT: City of Munich
ARCHITECT: Hascher Jehle Architektur, Berlin
SCOPE OF WORK: Polygonal timber composite stick system, aluminium stick system, polygonal wooden covering - partially curved, window sills, sun protection, doors
IMAGE SOURCE: © Hascher Jehle Architektur

The new school complex in Bogenhausen consists of three buildings and a sports hall, connected by a common base. A “climate school” will be created, i.e. the facade is built in timber construction, facade and roof are greened and solar cells are installed. Completion is scheduled for 2024.

Münster University Hospital - MedForCe and BBIM

Client:Universitätsklinikum Münster
represented by UKM Infrastruktur Management, München
Architect:Nickl Architekten, Munich
Scope of work:unitised curtain wall, aluminium stick system, steel stick system, rainscreen cladding, aluminium sheet metal cladding, clinker facades, sun protection, doors
Image source:

© Nickl&Partner Architekten

Two new research buildings will be realised at the university hospital in Münster: The Medical Research Centre with six and seven storeys and a floor space of approx. 12,500 m² and the Body & Brain Institute Münster with five storeys and a floor space of approx. 4,000 m².

Grammar School Gmunder Strasse, Munich

Client:City of Munich
Architect:h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner, Munich
Scope of work:wood aluminium mullion transom facades with elements, steel mullion transom facades, fibre cement covering, sheet metal cladding, sun protection, doors
Image source:© h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner

The new building is divided into two structures: To the west, the compact main building with the 6-storey grammar school for around 1,600 pupils and in the north a triple sports hall.