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Company policy

Being a manufacturer of individual claddings made of all material combinations suitable for a facade, our company is a reliable and competent contractual partner for our customers in Germany and in Europe.

Actions and decisions are taken - without valuation of the order - according to social, ethical and economic aspects. The principles in our code of conduct on fraud and corruption, anti-discrimination, environment, health and safety are at the forefront.

For this, the integrated management system of our enterprise comprises the requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, of the environmental protection standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and of the occupational health and safety standard DIN ISO 45001 and applies for the complete company including the project sites.

Our company with all our staff undertakes to meet the requirements for the benefit of our clients, employees, the environment and last but not least for the benefit of our company.

This includes especially the performance of the quality requirements of ourselves and those claimed from us, avoiding of injuries and diseases in our circle of influence, avoiding of environmental stress and obeying the applicable legal regulations in Germany and on our international sites.

All our staff are constantly striving to achieve a continuous improvement of our management system, of the processes and of the performances resulting thereof.

Targets and strategies:

  • economic development of our windows and facade systems relating to the complete product life cycle
  • quality assurance
  • direct and personal communication to assure the internal and external flow of information
  • appreciation, respect, honesty, trust and fairness towards our staff, clients, suppliers and subcontractors
  • research and development of own energetic facade systems
  • intense qualification and training of our employees
  • effective prevention in the areas work safety and protection of environment
  • health maintenance of the staff by providing safe and health-supporting working conditions, i. e.
    • removal of hazards or minimizing risks concerning health and safety
    • provision and upgrading of work places with modern and safe equipment
    • consultation and participation of our staff
    • prevention of accidents at work and effects on the environment by systematic integration of health-, safety- and environmental aspects in the daily routine and strengthening of consciousness of the staff  concerning safety and environment
  • customer satisfaction
  • provision and development of work places with modern and safe equipment

  • obeying the national legal rules and those of our European partner countries

  • stabilization of our infrastructure in the European partner countries

  • if possible, regional supply of our basic materials

  • use of timber from sustainable cultivation

  • optimal use of work equipment and raw materials and use of low emission materials

  • saving of energy (electrical current, air pressure, heat)

  • continuous improvement of our management systems by involving all employees