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Being a manufacturer of customized windows and facades, it is the target of our company to be a successful, competent and reliable partner for our customers in Germany and in Europe. For this purpose, it is important to ensure our commercial success, to satisfy our customers and to develop the workforce. This happens being aware that our environment is unique and therefore must be protected by us.

Being a company with a big regional commitment, we have a high social responsibility towards our employees.

For this, the integrated management system of our enterprise comprises the requirements of the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, the environmental protection standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and the occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18001 and applies for the complete company including the project sites.

Our company with all our staff undertakes to meet the requirements for the benefit of our clients, employees, the environment and last but not least for the benefit of our company.

This includes especially the performance of the quality requirements of ourselves and those claimed from us, avoidance of injuries and diseases in our circle of influence, avoidance of environmental stress and obeying the applicable legal regulations in Germany and on our international sites.

By an active engagement of all our staff, we are steadily aiming to achieve a continuous improvement of our management system, the processes and of the performances resulting thereof.

For this purpose, the following are important for us:

› economic construction of our windows and facades relating to the complete product life cycle
› economic provision of the performance by trouble-free processes
› assurance of the product quality
› high competence and flexibility
› direct and personal communication to assure the internal and external flow of information
› respect, honesty, friendliness, trust and fairness towards our staff, clients, suppliers and subcontractors
› development of own window and facade systems
› intense qualification and training of our employees
› provision and development of work places with modern and safe equipment
› if possible, regional supply of our basic materials
› use of timber from sustainable cultivation
› optimal use of work equipment and use of low emission materials
› saving of energy
› effective prevention in the areas work safety and environmental protection
› no discrimination for reasons of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, a handicap, of age or sexual identity.

On this basis, in the several functional areas the targets are defined, determined, approved by the management and published on the notice boards regularly; the status of reaching the targets is verified during the meetings and especially in the internal audits.